ANGIE:  Thank you very much for giving me the tools and ability to help myself.  I have enjoyed the sessions and cannot believe how far I have come.

SHAUN: I will always remember that you accompanied me on the most difficult journey of my life and gave me the help I needed to find what I asked for – a meaning to live by.

CHARLOTTE: Just thought a massive THANK YOU needed to be said for being my virtual sign post and putting me back on my feet and in the right direction.

ANN:  Thank you for guiding me into a brighter chapter in my life

GAIL:  With your skill and kindness you were able to help me move from a dark place into a place of light and laughter.

LAURA:  Thank you for everything, I am in such a better place now and I have my book and sheets to refer to if I need them.

HOLLY:  I couldn’t have wished for a kinder, friendlier and more down to earth person to learn from.  It felt like coming to see a friend.

NICOLA:  Kerry has helped me untie the knotty problems of childhood anxiety, trauma and learned bad habits that have made my life especially difficult since retiring.  Unravelling all of the negative stuff tangled up inside your head can take a long time and you need to be able to trust the person helping you.

TESSA:  Kerry is a warm and understanding therapist and I have found her easy to talk to. We have laughed a lot but I have also felt comfortable expressing my deepest, most difficult feelings too.  I have found ACT a very practical approach which is easy to understand and follow.  I am so very grateful.

PENNY:  Kerry is a literal lifesaver, unendingly kind and supportive, she understands so much about the real world and has such a vast knowledge and range of techniques to share.  I have recommended her to everyone I love because I sincerely believe everyone should be as lucky as I have been to find her.