Meet The Team

Writing Companion

I am Alexandra and I am a writer. I have worked in Law, Education, Management and Training, have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and a lot of life experience, energy and drive. I make easy connections with people and have undertaken a huge variety of projects in the last ten years including, amongst other…

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Naomi on the beach

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Naomi Naomi’s profile is coming – she is rather busy at the moment building Green Sparks. Watch this space xx

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Kerry J Miller

Psychotherapist and Coach

Well hello, I’m so glad you’re here! Having recently run headlong into a few life changing events, with the help of  Alexandra on Life Reviews I’ve decided I want to spend some of my time on creative and techy projects – hence this website. There will still be time for therapy/coaching, either online or walking…

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