Bette Davis said in All About Eve:  ‘Fasten your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy night’ and I feel that way about sharing my bio! My life has been such a jumble of learning and leaving and packing and moving on! I realised the other day that I had moved at least 22 times in my adult life which is not a bad number for someone who is not in the military nor on the run from the police.


I eloped to Scotland when I was Head Girl of my school. I always thought the Deputy Head Girl was probably delighted when I disappeared – what a coup for her CV! I lived in Scotland and was taught how to look after bullocks – always useful when you move to London thereafter and sell advertising space in a then well-known, now defunct, newspaper- and no, it was not the News of the World.


Having left formal education behind, I got the learning bug, completed some correspondence courses and then graduated to on site learning on a one year Return to Study course for Mature Students from there to University and afterwards Law School, with my daughter in tow. I thought as a single parent family a stable legal career was the answer. My daughter thus traumatised by seeing her mother constantly studying and losing weight near exam time, vowed she would be a Tesco’s cashier.


Then, dear readers, I married for a second time, in spite of Dr Johnson’s sombre intonation rattling in my brain that to commit to another person ‘was the triumph of hope over experience’. Loved up, I left legal practice to have three children but it soon became clear that I needed a career that was more flexible where I could work around the children should I happen to find myself as a single parent again. (And I did) This revelation led to more moves, more courses, more qualifications, more training to qualify as a lecturer in FE, HE teaching under graduate and post graduate Law and a teacher in Key Stage 3,4,and 5. Then, not necessarily in date order: Three Management Courses, Diploma in Transactional Analysis, Coaching, Masters in Law, Training to become a Licensed Practitioner in Thrive (a method of better communication and teaching with children with incomplete or interrupted learning phases), Editing, Life Reviewing, becoming an Assessor for NVQs and BTEC and an Examiner A level in Law and Sociology, Holocaust Education, Masters in Creative Writing, and three years ago trained to become an Independent Civil Celebrant conducting weddings, funeral, baby naming and ancient and modern day rituals.


I have led workshops in Mosaics, Rug, Waistcoat, Kimono and Hat Making and for one or possibly two years ran a course as part of the Cotswold Craftwoman exhibitions in Oxfordshire. I also ran a variety of One Day Taster law courses including Consumer, Employment and Contract Law. I am humorously known as a ‘Lawyer for Nothing’ as I help friends with their disparate legal anxieties. I have taught myself to play a variety of instruments, mostly badly, but I remain optimistic.


 I plan to have workshop weekend experiences set up in the summer 2022 in Wales – Government Guidelines permitting.


I am working online which works surprisingly well but I hope to move back to one to one work when physical social interaction becomes safer.


If you want to know more about Life Reviews or need help editing or writing that book you have had the time to think about during Covid or you need a Celebrant please get in touch.


£120-225 per session. 

1-1 work is our premium offering.  If the cost involved will cause you any level of financial stress or hardship please consider a more affordable alternative (check out the shop, we will be adding products and services as soon and as often as we can with this in mind).

Payment is always required in full and in advance.  Typically meetings last for around 60 minutes and are charged at £150 PAYG (pay as you go), or at a reduced rate of £600 for a block of five hour long sessions (£120 per session). 

If longer sessions are needed (e.g. for PTSD or intensive work) or are your preference, you will never be charged for more than 90 minutes (£225).  If you choose to end a session early you will be charged for a minimum of 60 minutes.

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