Lots of background bumf about us - don't feel you have to read it all!

Hi!  We are a group of friends looking to do some good in the world and increasing our reach by embracing technology, learning new skills and sharing what we know, make and value in new ways.

Between us we have many, many years of personal and professional experience across health, social care, business, education, law and much more.  Our shared interest is in mental health and wellbeing in the broadest sense, including nurturing lifelong learning and creativity.

I have just created my first ever card deck (Values on Prescription Card Decks) and we all have other exciting creative projects on the go, so watch this space.

If you would like to get to know us a bit better, then read our Blog.

I’ve been in (and out of) the mental health game for donkey’s years, and in private practice as a psychotherapist for eight years now, and I BLOODY LOVE IT!  What could be better than talking to people about what really, really matters?  I think I remember JK Rowling saying she couldn’t understand why everybody didn’t want to be a writer.  That’s how I feel about being a psychotherapist.

Alexandra and I have been friends for ages, and over the years I reckon we might have walked the distance to the moon and back, most often accompanied by her delightful but terribly badly behaved whippets.  During this time we’ve never run out of things to talk about, and even though she’s recently buggered off to Wales I hope we’ll get to carry on that tradition, albeit on a more occasional basis. You can read about her, and the new life she is making for herself in Wales in her Blog posts, or you can work 1-1 with her and you’ll get to ask her about it yourself.

In the background (for now) but massively helpful: Naomi and Mark are both utterly delightful people and I consider myself privileged to remain part of their social circle following their ruthless post-Covid19 declutter (more of a cull actually).  They are smart, creative and imaginative, and they do many lovely things.  When the weather is good there is no better end to the week than Friday afternoon drinkies in a beautiful beer garden, with their lovely Luna included.  Luna is a very well behaved dog of uncertain parentage, sort of like a greyhound.

Also in the background (for now) is Elllllieeeeee.  Ellie was my boss for ages, and my supervisor and is now a dear friend, also a farmer, poet, eco-warrior and mad-keen cyclist.  She is, amongst other things a fully accredited cognitive behavioural therapist and supervisor, and a  bamba listed mindfulness teacher, and she has provided the guided meditations available on our Freebies! page and in our shop.

Also-also in the background, last and by nooooooo means least:  Dylan, the boss man at Penguin Army, and his wing-woman and lady wife, Sarah.  Dylan is a man of very many talents and a huge brain that leaves mine paddling in the shallows, he is a poet, spoken word artist and author, and he has amazing tech skills.  He is very much in demand but has prioritised helping me out.  None of this would have been possible without him.

Meet The Team

Writing Companion

I am Alexandra and I am a writer. I have worked in Law, Education, Management and Training, have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and a lot of life experience, energy and drive. I make easy connections with people and have undertaken a huge variety of projects in the last ten years including, amongst other…

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Naomi on the beach

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Naomi Naomi’s profile is coming – she is rather busy at the moment building Green Sparks. Watch this space xx

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Kerry J Miller

Psychotherapist and Coach

Well hello, I’m so glad you’re here! Having recently run headlong into a few life changing events, with the help of  Alexandra on Life Reviews I’ve decided I want to spend some of my time on creative and techy projects – hence this website. There will still be time for therapy/coaching, either online or walking…

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