Celebrancy, life reviews, legacy work, a sprinkling of psychotherapy and some other fun stuff/resources spread about the place.

If you’re ready to tell your stories, if you’re interested in creative writing projects, celebrancy, formulating a life review or putting together a legacy project, contact Alex

I am doing a little bit of psychotherapy, but mostly fluffing about learning how to create thoughtful printables, see here: Youcan Shop

Why don’t you check out the Blog to see if you like the sound of us?  Or you could head over to Freebies! and see if there’s anything of use or interest to you there.



Here’s a little freebie to get you started:  Intro to mindful meditations here (5 mins) by my lovely friend Ellie.  There’s more about Ellie on the next page …

Meet The Team

Writing Companion

I am Alexandra and I am a writer. I have worked in Law, Education, Management and Training, have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and a lot of life experience, energy and drive. I make easy connections with people and have undertaken a huge variety of projects in the last ten years including, amongst other…

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Naomi on the beach

Social and Therapeutic Horticulture

Naomi Naomi’s profile is coming – she is rather busy at the moment building Green Sparks. Contact: green.sparks.referrals@gmail.com

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Kerry J Miller

Psychotherapist (and a bit of a creative)

I am a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, an NMC Registered Mental Health Nurse and a qualified Psychological Wellbeing Coach. Most of the time I’m out walking, paddling, doing my garden, chatting with friends or creating stuff that I like, just because these are the things I like to do. Sometimes I do a bit…

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